Photo Competition on Sustainable Transport

27 Oct. 2017
by Julia Schmitt

Urban areas are facing considerable challenges in meeting the mobility demands of their citizens. As public transport fails to be attractive, people are switching to private cars or are using informal services - resulting in more accidents, air pollution and increasing costs for households. Sustainable transport solutions are aiming to ad­dress these challenges in a holistic way by improving public transport and promoting non-motorized transport. Namibia has started in the last years to follow the approach of Sustainable Transport. Master Plans for Windhoek and surrounding areas as well as for the central Northern Regions have been developed.

The MoveWindhoek project derives from the Sustainable Urban Transport Master Plan for Windhoek including Okahandja, Rehoboth and the International Airport. Implementation started in 2014 with a focus on improvement of public transport, development of infrastructure for walking and cycling and overall increased mobility for the citizens. Urban transport in Windhoek is characterized by its large disparity between the main mode of transport and the place of residence of the various user groups. Whereas the southern parts of the City have access to private vehicles, the socio-economic disadvantaged areas in the north-west of Windhoek are largely dependent on (public) local or non-motorized transport.

The photo competition had the primary agenda to involve the public and raise awareness of on-going activities in the MoveWindhoek project, i.e. the use of buses, walking and cycling as sustainable, alternative modes of transport. The prizes were selected to showcase the different modes of sustainable transport. The first prize, a bicycle, advertises for the eco-friendly and healthy way to access workplaces and social infrastructure in farther distances. Walking as the most common mode of transport in Windhoek is presented in the second price, with the winner getting running shoes. Last but not least, the third prize winner can use the municipal buses with a pre-loaded smart card. The municipal busses provide interconnections within the whole city for larger number of people and therefore reducing congestion. The photo competition was part of the German Weeks held in September to celebrate German-Namibian diversity, culture and art.

The ceremony was officiated by Honourable Councillor Ananias Niizimba for City of Windhoek and Ullrich Kinne, Chargé d’Affaires of the Federal Republic of Germany. The first price is won by Steffen Miro Mueche, second price goes to Alicia Kauteza and the third winner is Kamekela Jones Shafondino. The photographs will be displayed in the various City of Windhoek offices and on the municipal buses.